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    from 24th May 2018

    I. Definitions
    Words and phrases used in the regulations mean:
    1. Client - an individual, legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, for who the special provisions confer legal capacity, who makes orders in the Shop;
    2. Civil Code - Act of 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 16, item. 93, as amended.);
    3. Regulations - that Regulations delivered electronically from the online store ZOOLIGHT.PL;
    4. Online store (Shop) - Internet service available at WWW.ZOOLIGHT.PL through which the customer can make orders;
    5. Product - the products presented in the Online Shop;
    6. The sales contract - a contract of sale of the products within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the company Luxima 1 Katarzyna Pisanska and the Client, concluded with the Shop web site;
    7. Act with specific terms of consumer sales -Act of 27 July 2002 on the special conditions of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item. 1176, as amended.)
    8. Act on Electronic Services -  the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item. 1204, as amended.)
    9. Order - the Customer's declaration, aimed directly at the conclusion of the sale, specifying the nature and number of the Products.

    II. General Provisions
    2.1. The Regulations define the rules for the use of the online store available at WWW.ZOOLIGHT.PL.
    2.2. These Regulations are the rules, referred to in Article. 8 of the Act on Electronic Services.
    2.3. Online store, operating at WWW.ZOOLIGHT.PL, is operated by LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska .
    2.4. These Regulations specify in particular:
    a.) the rules for the registration and use of the account in the online store;
    b.) conditions and rules for electronic book of products available in the online store;
    c.) terms and conditions of the electronic Orders in the online store;
    d.)conditions for Contracts of sale useing services provided by the online Store.
    2.5. Using online shop is possible when the computer system of the Customer complies with the following technical requirements:
    a.) Internet Explorer version [...] or later is enabled [list of essential applications, such as Java applets], or
    b.) [internet browser] in version [...] or later enabled [...], c) a minimum screen resolution of [...] x [...] pixels.
    2.6. In order to use the online store the Customer should obtain their own access to a computer or terminal device with Internet access.
    2.7. In accordance with the law rules, the company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska reserves the right to limit the provision of services through the Online Store for persons over age 18 years. In this case, potential Customers will be informed of the above.
    2.8. Customers can access these Regulations at any time through a link found on the main site and download it and make it print.
    2.9. Information about the Products provided on the Shop websites, in particular, their descriptions, technical and performance characteristics and prices, are an invitation to contract, within the meaning of Article. 71 of the Civil Code.
    III. Terms of use of the Online Shop
    3.1. Conditions of using of the Online Store for those who are registered to it.
    3.2. Registration is done by completing and accepting the registration form which is available on one page of the Store website.
    3.3. Registration is an agreement to the Regulations and to provide personal information marked as mandatory.
    3.4. Company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisanska can deprive a Customer the right to use the online store, and may limit their access to part or all of the resources of the Online Store, immediately effective in the case of a breach by the Customer of the Rules and, in particular, when the Customer:
    a.) registers in the online store giving data that is false, inaccurate or outdated, misleading or violates the rights of third parties,
    b.) through the online store committed infringement of any goods of third parties, in particular the goods of other clients of the online store
    c.) commits other behaviors that are deemed by  LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisanska as behavior inconsistent with applicable law or general principles of the use of the Internet or detrimental to the good name of the company.
    3.5. A person who has been deprived of the right to use the online store cannot make the re-registration without the prior consent of our company.
    3.6. In order to ensure the security for the transmission of messages and data in connection with the services provided in the Site services, the Online Shop takes technical and organizational measures appropriate to the seriousness of the security services, in particular measures to prevent acquisition and modification by unauthorized persons personal information transmitted over the Internet.

    3.7. Customer is obliged to:
    a.) not to produce and not to share contents which are  prohibited by law, such as the content of violent, defamatory or violating personal rights or other rights of third parties,
    b.) use the Online Store so as not to distort its functioning through the use of specific software or equipment
    c) refrain from activities such as: sending or posting of unsolicited commercial communications (spam) in the Online Shop
    d) use the Online Store without causing major inconvenience to other customers, and the company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska,
    e) use of all content contained in the Online Shop is only for personal use,
    f) use of the Online Store in a manner consistent with the provisions of law applicable on the territory of Poland, the provisions of the Rules, as well as the general principles of the use of the Internet.

    IV. The procedure for the conclusion of the sale
    4.1. At the conclusion of the sale through the Online Store, go to the website WWW.ZOOLIGHT.PL, select the product from our Store by taking the steps in the message displays to the Customer and information available on the site.
    4.2. The choice of the Products ordered by the Customer is made by adding them to the cart.
    4.3. When submitting orders - until you press the "Order" - The customer has the option to modify the the entered data and in the selection of the Products. To do this, follow the appear messages and information available on the site.
    4.4. After the customer gives the Online Shop all the necessary information, they will see a summary of the submitted orders. The summary of the submitted orders will include information on:
    a) the subject of the contract,
    b) the unit and total price of the products or services, including shipping costs and additional costs (if any),
    c) the chosen method of payment,
    d) selected method of delivery,
    e) the time of delivery,
    4.5. In order to send the Order it is necessary to accept the Regulations, provide personal information marked as mandatory and pressing the "Place Order".
    4.6. Sending the Order by Customer is a statement of intention to conclude with Purchase Agreement with LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisanska in accordance with the Regulations.
    4.7. After placing the Order, the Customer receives an e-mail titled  ORDER CONFIRMATION, containing the final confirmation of all the essential elements of the Order. Order Confirmation occurs when you click the link that automatically approves the request.
    4.8. The Agreement is treated as concluded from the moment of your receipt of an e-mail titled CONFIRMATION OF ORDER.
    4.9. The sales agreement is in Polish complying with the Regulations.

    V. Delivery
    5.1. Delivery of Products is limited to the area of Republic of Poland and takes place at the address indicated by the Customer when submitting the Order.
    5.2. Delivery of ordered products is by courier service. Delivery costs are at Additionally the cost of delivery will be indicated at the time of order. The cost of delivery of the products consists of the cost of shipping and packing services and package cost.

    5.3. The term of delivery is from 24 hours to 7 working days from the date of sending the order by the Customer. The term of the implementation of unusual Orders is determined individually.
    5.4. The Customers can access these Regulations at any time through a link found on the main site and download it and print it.
    Fixation, protection, provision and confirmation for the Customer and the essential provisions of Agreement of selling Products is by sending messages by e-mail which the Customer gave during registration,  and by attaching to the consignment of goods a receipt or issued a VAT invoice on request.
    VI. Pricing and payment methods
    6.1. The customer can pay the price in the following ways:
    a.) transfer to the bank account number 64 1140 2004 0000 3702 4563 5654,
    b.) the payment in the "PayByNet", "PayPal"
    c.) the payment by credit card "PayByNet", "PayPal"
    d.) cash on delivery - cash on delivery by the courier,
    e.) in cash at the place of the office
    VII. The right to withdraw from the contract
    7.1. The Customer, who is a consumer within the meaning of Article. 221 of the Civil Code, is entitled,under the law, the right to withdraw from this contract, without giving any reason, making a statement in writing, within 14 days and send it to the address provided in these Regulations.
    7.2. 10-day term is counted from the date, on which the delivery of the Product took place.
    7.3. The right to withdraw from the contract by the consumer is excluded in case of:
    at the start, with the consent of the consumer, of the provision of services by ZOOLIGHT.PL, before the expiring of 14 days from the conclusion of the contract;
    goods (services) beyond the standard shop products, made to order and tailored to the client's individual needs;
    benefits which due to their nature cannot be returned or whose subject matter is perishable
    7.4. In the event of withdrawal from this contract, the contract is considered null and void. What parties rendered is returned unchanged unless a change was necessary in ordinary management. Reimbursement should be made immediately, but not later than within 14 days. The purchased Products can be given back to the following address:
    Luxima 1 Katarzyna Pisańska, 04-963 Warszawa, ul. Derkaczy 73a
    7.5. The Products returned by the customer should be packed in an appropriate manner to ensure no damage during transport.
    7.6. The cost of the package and shipping are covered by the Customer.

    VIII. Complaints relating to the Products
    8.1. LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska as a seller is liable to the Customer as a consumer within the meaning of Article. 221 of the Civil Code, for non-compliance with the Agreement of selling the Products purchased by the consumer, within the scope of the Act on the specific terms of consumer sales.
    8.2. Claims arising from the breach of customer rights guaranteed by law, or under these Regulations should be addressed to Company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska is obligated to consider any complaint within 14 days, and if it was not possible to inform the customer at the time when the complaint will be dealt with.
    8.3. Company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska is not the manufacturer of all products sold in the shop. The manufacturer is responsible under the guarantee for sold Products on the terms and for the period specified in the warranty. If the guarantee provides that possibility, you can report your claim under warranty directly at an authorized site, whose address is on the warranty card.
    IX. Complaints in the provision of electronic services
    9.1. Company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska takes steps to ensure a proper fully functioning Shop, in so far as it results from the current technical knowledge and is committed within a reasonable time to remove all irregularities reported by customers.
    9.2. The customer is obliged to immediately inform our Company of any irregularities or interruptions in the functioning website of the online store.
    9.3. To inform of irregularities in the functioning of Shop, the Customer may submit in writing to the following address: Derkaczy 73A, 04-963 Warszawa, by e-mail to the address or by using the contact form.
    9.4. In the complaint, the Customer must provide his full name, mailing address, nature and date of irregularities associated with the operation of the Store.
    9.5. The Company LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska is obligated to consider any complaint within 14 days, and if it was not possible to deal with the complaint to inform the customer at that time when the complaint will be dealt with.

    X. Final provisions
    10.1. Settlement of any dispute arising between LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska and a Customer who is a consumer within the meaning of Article. 221 of the Civil Code, shall be submitted to the appropriate courts in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.
    10.2. Settlement of any dispute arising between LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska and a client who is not a consumer within the meaning of Article. 221 of the Civil Code of the Civil Code, shall be subject to the court with jurisdiction over the seat of LUXIMA 1 Katarzyna Pisańska .
    10.3. Matters not covered in these Regulations, shall be governed by the Civil Code, the provisions of the Act on Electronic Services, and other relevant provisions of Polish law.
    10.4. Copying and posting our pictures, without our consent, is unlawful and subject to the provisions of the Act of the Act of 16 April 1993 on unfair competition, Coll. Laws of 1993, No. 153, item. 1,503


    XI. Ochrona danych osobowych

    11.1. Dane osobowe Klienta są przetwarzane przez Sprzedawcę jako administratora danych osobowych.

    11.2. Sprzedawca stosuje odpowiednie środki techniczne i organizacyjne zapewniające ochronę przetwarzanych danych osobowych.

    11.3. Podanie danych osobowych przez Klienta jest dobrowolne, ale niezbędne w celu założenia Konta, korzystania z określonych Usług Elektronicznych, zawarcia Umowy Sprzedaży lub dokonania Rezerwacji.

    11.4. Dane Osobowe Klienta udostępnione w ramach Sklepu Internetowego lub uzyskane w oparciu o aktywność Klienta w Internecie, w Salonach i za pośrednictwem Aplikacji, będą przetwarzane przez Sprzedawcę w konkretnych, określonych celach wskazanych w ramach poszczególnych formularzy w ramach Sklepu Internetowego oraz opisanych szczegółowo w ramach Polityki Prywatności dostępnej w Sklepie Internetowym.

    11.5.Klientowi co do zasady, w zależności od korzystania z konkretnych funkcjonalności, przysługuje prawo wniesienia skargi do organu właściwego dla ochrony danych osobowych, prawo sprzeciwu, prawo dostępu do jego danych osobowych, żądania ich sprostowania, usunięcia, ograniczenia przetwarzania oraz przenoszenia danych..

    11.6. Dodatkowe wyjaśnienia dotyczące ochrony danych osobowych zawarte są w zakładce Polityka Prywatności dostępnej w Sklepie Internetowym.



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